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CDN Performance
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Data provided by PerfOps


  • All results are based on RUM (Real User Metrics) data from users all over the world
  • We gather and analyze more than 300million tests every day
  • A 2500 millisecond timeout is set. If a query takes longer, its marked as timeout
  • The data is updated once per hour. Use to get real-time data
  • "Performance" is the time it took for a user to download a 500byte image from a CDN.
  • During benchmarks local browser cache is bypassed
  • "RUM Uptime" shows the uptime of CDN providers as measured by real users. Due to bad Internet connections this number can contain false positives. But in general it shows a good representation of the quality of a CDN provider. Note that "RUM Uptime" does not represent the real uptime of a provider